Chip Maestro - Poor Mans midiNES ?

A cheaper version of midiNES maybe, anyway you can make some sweet Nintendo sounds with it, not as flashy ass the midiNES butt still a good one, buy and try :p 

Chip Maestro 7/10 BiTS 

My upcomming EPS samlpelib will contain 2 .wavs from it.


HyperSiD -> Unusall SidSynth?

HyperSiD more c64 packed in a small box, anyway the soundchip. What is so special with this version? The logo glows by itself. Nice cosy light when down in the basement :p


Future Composer - Amiga

Most of my favourite chiptunes are made with this program. Future Composer. Might be a little harder to use then Protracker but the sound is just the best early 90s amiga cracktro sound there is :p

It seems hard to make happy tunes with it, everything sounds like its in minor but thats allright.


If youre lazy just enjoy the music..


SammichFM DiY Mini Synth

The sound of old DOS Games in one little box, not many exist, only 200 for the moment :p a soundblaster 16 OPL3 with midi :D

you can sell everything else cause you have 4 channels at the same time..


BlipBlop on your CASIO CZ-101

8-bit Arpeggio
Today im going to talk about how you can make your own VGM sounds on a Casio CZ-101.

1. Set the DCO oscillator to 2 (squarewave)
2. Set vibrato to WAVE=4 (squarewave) RATE=94 (or less) DEPTH=99 

Now you have your own one note blipblop arpeggio to play with :p 


Modified Commodore 64 (x2)

Modified Commodore 64Got my hands on two nice modified C64's one of each with cyberpunk look :p perfect for use with Mssiah or Cynthcart.
Modified Commodore 64

Maybe I might try to modify one myself but i would probably destroy it instead ass i have 2 lefthands and thumbs in the middle :D


Chiptunes And Old School [Album]

20 Tracks of bitpop/chiptune + old rave sounds to listen to at Spotify or download for free hereLots of blips and blop but also some dudes singing somewhere and alot of other stuf etc..